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Remarko Bakers & Caterers

As Sri Lanka’s foremost baker and caterer with over a century of tradition behind them, “Remarko Bakers” takes pride in producing every great tasting item of food on its list with care, and with a strong commitment to quality. One of the most revealing insights into how the bakery operates is a remark made by the chairmen-Mr. Riencey Withanage who said, “We have maintained the quality of our products as a tribute to our customers who have always believed in us, and it is this relationship that has been the driving force behind our corporate success.” .

Using not much more than an old baking tray and his own ingenuity, the chairmen- Mr. Riencey Withanage who hailed from the village of Weliwita Kaduwela, baked his first loaf of bread, and then, with the aid of his loyal assistant Sumernasiri Bas, opened a small outlet in Makola to sell his products . The quality of his wares soon won him a steady, loyal and ever growing customer base that gave him the confidence and encouragement to set up his own business - a complete bakery. A century and several generations later, Remarko bakers has enhanced and expanded their founder’s initial business philosophy since 1983, and now, celebrates of remarkable success and rich goodness; qualities inherent in all its products and services over the years.